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Mobile Phone Networks and Manufacturers in UK

Introduction Of Mobile Phones Market

There are so many options to customers to choose a new range of mobile phones. Depending on the requirements, you can select any mobile phone to gain advantages. You should always select the right Network, and Mobiles. New marketplace has emerged, where services and components are available to facilitate the making of a new mobile phone. There is flood of new models with latest technology with ultimate coverages.

International manufacturers such as - Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, LG Mobiles and others are taking a decision next generation mobile. They are focussing on the whole market and competitive pricing. Mobile Phones have reached a technological tipping point, and the new features are services.

Mobile Phone Networks

There are mainly 6 types of mobile phone networks in UK,as follow -

3 Mobile Network -

3 is the leading mobile media company.The 3 network is available across 8 countries and has over 10 million customers. In the UK alone, 3 has acquired 3.5 million customers. 3G is able deliver high quality,media-rich content including audio and video, to a mobile handset.

T Mobile Network -

They reach over 99% of UK population. T-Mobile is now UK's largest mobile network,with over 9.2 million subscribers. This has been mainly due to virtual operators such as Virgin Mobile that use the T-Mobile network infrastructure. T-Mobile has its GPRS network with EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution),improving the overall user experience when accessing data and rich content.

O2 Mobile Network -

The leading manufacturers like Nokia , Sony Ericsson, LG,Motorola, Samsung etc. These handsets are compatible with O2’s advanced technology and are delight for mobile users across the United Kingdom. You can find handsets like Nokia N80, N91, Nokia E60, Motorola V3i, Motorola V3x and LG chocolate KG800 under O2 mobile phone deals.

Virgin Mobile Network -

Virgin Mobile Ltd is a phone provider operating in 7 countries, offers prepaid pay as you go service. In UK Virgin Mobile Phone was launched as the world's first mobile Virtual Network Operator and has over 5 million customers.

Orange Mobile Network -

15 million subscribers in the UK, where it is a top three carrier along with O2(UK) and Vodafone. Orange mobile phone has 90+ million users across 23 countries in touch. Orange have largest integrated 3G/2.5G network in UK, covering 80% of UK population, One can do video conferencing, sending MMS, audio or video files with the help of this network and can also get service like broadband, dial-up, pay-as-you-go and mobile tariff plans. Nokia 6280 there can be no better service provider than Orange mobile phone services.

Vodafone Mobile Network -

One of the most reputed and highly reliable mobile phone networks with well managed customer care support. Having vodafone coverage means faster access and download of data. More than 16.3 million of Vodafone's customers in UK. It is largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world.

Mobile Phone Manufacturers

LG Mobile Phone -

LG KG800 Chocolate phone is one of the best looking mobile phones on the market today. KG800 phones with more style, slim slider shell. Sliding the phone open reveals both a mobile phone keypad and the camera. Outer case of the KG800 is entirely black, with no buttons to be seen. KG800 looks marvelous and will appeal to those, seeking for fresh ideas in design.

Nokia Mobile Phone -

Nokia have announced new upgraded editions of their Nokia N91, Nokia N73 and N70 mobile phones Nokia N91> is that it's far from the most attractive phone on the market. Its hard drive offeres 4 GB storage. You can store 1000+ songs.

Samsung Mobile Phone -

New range of samsung is going to be very popular due to its nice-looking and user-friendly designs. Its high quality LCD display, disital camera and attractive design is so fine.

Motorola Mobile Phone -

They are going to paint the Motorola RAZR V3i in different colours. The RAZR V3i will soon be available in dark blue, maroon and violet. Motorola has always created clamshells that have become top sellers with consumers. The designers at Motorola decided to create one of the thinnest clamshells on the market. The RAZR V3 is truly a design and engineering marvel.

Sony-Ericsson Mobile Phone -

' CyberShot phones ' was main highlighed of Sony Ericsson. Now 3.2 megapixel camera is latest feature only in Sony Ericsson K800i and extending up to 5 megapixel. They also focused on storage and data transfer rates (expecting 1 GB). K800i have also best pic shots. It takes a series of 8 shots ; you can choose the best picture from 8 taken.

Here you will find all the latest mobile phones range from popular manufacturers supplying the UK and other world markets.

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