Thursday, March 8, 2007

3 Mobile Network : UK's First Video Mobile Network

About 3 :

3 (Hutchison 3G), a mobile media company, launched the UK's first 3G network. 3 has over 3.75 million customers in UK and over 13.5 million worldwide (till Aug 2006). 3 network covers over 89% population for 3G services. They now says it is going to make the mobile internet more interesting. Hutchinson 3G, one of five companies awarded licences by the UK Government in May 2000 to run 3G mobile phone services. The company is focused on 3G services.

It's Popularity :

3 service was launched in the UK on 3 March 2003 (3/3/3). After 3.2 years, 3 acquired 3.2 million UMTS customers, more than other UK mobile operators. At the end of 2005, 3 UK had nearly 4 million customers on its network and was the largest 3G network in the UK with more 3G subscribers than all the other networks together. 3, a mobile multimedia company which aims to make communication simpler, faster and more enjoyable.

Has Set a Milestone :

3 has set the industry direction for music video on mobile. In 2003, 3 launched the UK’s first video mobile network to bring new and better services to the mobile media market. 3 mobile phone network was the first mobile network to launch full-length music videos. 3’s mobile music service is growing every day. Music is one of it's most popular services and with this deal it's customers can enjoy the latest music videos from top artists.

Important :

1) 3 is the UK's first video mobile network.
2) 3 is the UK's fastest growing mobile network. Over 3 million customers in the UK now have access to 3's range of 3G services, from video messaging and video calling to watching full-length music videos.
3) 3's network offers national coverage for calls and texts, and over 82% coverage for video services.

Future Plan of 3 :

3 customers will be able to use their mobile phone to connect to their home television's personal video recorder to watch shows while on the move. It will also offer unlimited voice calls over the Skype internet service and unlimited instant messaging. 3+ million customers of 3 can now instantly share pictures and video clips captured on their video mobile via web. 3 customers can also add pictures from their PC, manage content and invite friends to visit.
3 announced the first mobile blogging service. Both public and private My Gallery sites are fully interactive allowing visitors to 'blog' their own comments.


Tiger1982 said...
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Tiger1982 said...
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Tiger1982 said...

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